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Who the eff is Miles Standish?
November 29, 2009, 3:20 am
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I may have missed T6, but I celebrated Thanksgiving with some of my friends the next day.  My deskmate The Mean Lady BFF Anna & her husband/my friend Eric invited people over for Thanksgiving on Friday, because in Israel Friday is the weekend and more people could come that way.

Well, we had a great time.  Eric grilled some delish chicken (because the supermarkets don’t have turkeys, but you can special order them, but we didn’t know that), Anna made scrumpch sweet potatoes and stuffing, and Leah brought yummers green beans.  Me?  Non-cooking, lil’ ol’ me brought soda and fresh ground coffee.

It was a nice mix of Americans and Israelis.  (Eric has lived here a few years and has some good Israeli friends from his job.)  After we ate, Anna bust out the Thanksgiving word find ™ sheets, and we all had a cutthroat laugh, trying to finish the game first.  I haven’t done that shit in years!  Yo, the backwards, diagonal ones are a bitch, yo !!  I kept cracking myself up by yelling out I found ‘sturkey’!  or I found ‘grindian’!  It never got old only for me.  I may have sucked at the Word Find™, but I took first place in the maze (helping the pilgrims get to the turkey).  Nice !!  I used Anna’s own cheat method of working backwards.  Whatever part of the brain that game uses, I totally have a great [whatever part that is].  

I was dying to play Celebrity, but after dessert, half the guests got the hell out of there before we broke out some more games left to attend other engagements.  So we ended up watching YouTube cat videos on the TV and then praying to God to please puncture our eyeballs watching Anna & Eric’s honeymoon slide show. 

I love my friend Anna, and she is both an awesome host and cook.  Thanks, Anna!


Leah, AnnaBecker, Rebecca, Samadar


Moosh checks out Anna's liberal ass.




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Great article Scott – plus I really had a good laugh at the CAT Video 🙂

Comment by Lisa

I was a virgin! WAS !!! (lol) Thanks, Lisa.

Comment by skatp

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