Gefilte Fish Out of Water

No More Tears
November 20, 2009, 6:18 pm
Filed under: Petey

I was having coffee with some friends this week, and The Mean Lady my friend Anna says Ooh! I think I’m catching a whiff of something nasty.  *sniff* Yeah, I think Petey kinda stinks.  (I think I had just been telling a story where Petey stepped in his own fresh turd.)

So of course I took it personally, as if Anna had just told me I stank.  I mean, not consciously, but I kinda ribbed The Mean Lady Anna (see!?!) for ten minutes after that, so I’m sure I did.  Anyway, I guess I just wasn’t smelling it because I’m immune from always being with him or, because it was just Anna having mutant, canine-level smelling powers.

Rather than pay big bucks No whammies! for some fancy doggie shampoo, I just picked up some Johnson’s Baby Shampoo at the supermarket.  And I made it an end-of-day project to bathe Petey.

Anna’s like Just make the  water all warm for him.  Maybe he’ll like it! Um, not.  Petey hated it.  I put him in the shower and used the water-pic thingie on him.  He wasn’t squealing, biting me, or absolutely uncontrollable.  But I had to back him up against the corner, because anytime he saw a way past me, he tried to take it.

I didn’t make him suffer long.  The whole procedure took about 10 minutes.  I tried to snap more pics, but my hands were too wet, and he tried to get the hell out of there anytime I took both hands off him.  Poor little Petey.  Of course, the requisite Doggie Shake Thing (where he tried to dry himself off by shaking the water off him…and onto me!) was cute, in a doggenfreude kind of way.

I was kinda pissed afterwards, when I noticed not 10 minutes after he was dried and back in his cage, he was sitting in a fresh puddle of pee.  Man, did he do that to fuck with me!?!  I just cleaned him!  How’s he gonna smell clean if he’s sittin’ in his own pee all the time?  But Yoda said it probably was no such vindictive act on Petey’s part.  It was probably just a natural reaction from being so excited/scared and then going from hot to cold.  Alright, I can buy that.


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