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What goes up, must come down?
November 12, 2009, 11:20 am
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Petey will walk up the steps with me to the apartment after we get back from a walk.  But, he won’t walk down.  So I have to carry him.  Yoda says this is actually fine, because:

1) You want to get the eff outside ASAP after bringing him out of the crate, so he doesn’t have any accidents on the way downstairs.

2) The motion and pressure against his bladder/bowels as I handle him and carry him down can be helpful in getting things moving inside and helping him wanna do his business when I put him down.

But, you know, I want him to be able to walk down stairs, too.  Face your fears!  I’ll give him this – in relation to his tiny body and limbs, they are still kinda big for him.  And with gravity assisting, with his paw pads against the smooth stone, he has less control than he has when going up them.

So I tried it slowly.  First, placing him down mid stairs, on the last set before the ground floor.  Success!  He walked down them and followed me outside.  Next time, I moved him up a level; same thing – mid flight of stairs.  Another success!  Down and out (in a good way).  If I placed him on a landing in between flights, he would only look ahead /down the flight in bewilderment; he has to be placed in the middle of steps and be encouraged to actually attempt walking down them.

Then, we were up to three short flights of steps in between floors.  He went down the first flight…good…made it through the 2nd one…good, Petey…and then stalled on the landing.  I overexcitedly encouraged the eff out of  him.  But – LOL, he actually about-faced and went all the way back to my apartment front door!  And this is when he had a full bladder and really needed to go!  LOL, indeed.  You’ll get it, Petey.  Proud of you, Pal.


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There are a lot of comparisons that can be made between children and animals. This is another one– it’s much scarier to go down than up. Try him on a flight of about 1-3 steps– wider ones as opposed to narrower ones if possible.

Comment by Lauren

This totally makes sense. Thanks, Lauren. OK.

Comment by skatp

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