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Mexican Standoff
November 4, 2009, 10:39 am
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Israel has, like, thousands of street cats all over the place.  They don’t get rounded up and taken to the pound.  Instead, at least in Tel Aviv neighborhoods, the same people who feed the pigeons leave them piles of dry cat food for them to feast on every day.  It must be a great life.  They just lounge around all the buildings’ front gardens in the sun and don’t worry about finding food.  Pussies.

Anyway, there are two small ones who inhabit the front garden of my apartment building.  One of them will sometimes stalk and spy on us when I walk Petey there, which I have been doing a lot – both b/c he puts up a fight when I first try and take him to the park and b/c until today it had been raining in Tel Aviv solidly for an entire week.

Of course, Petey is just super curious about them and wants to make friends.  Which reminds me – did you ever read what I consider to be one of the Best Email Forwards of All Time: Dog Diary vs. Cat Diary? Anyway, you have to be careful about this, b/c the cats get very defensive and they could try and scratch Petey’s eye out if they feel too threatened by letting him get too close.

The funniest, though, are the Mexican Standoffs.  Because there are seemingly thousands of the kitties everwhere, we pass them all the time on drags walks to the park.  I don’t let Petey get close to them, but they will lock eyes and try and out Death Stare each other (although half the time Petey’s tail is wagging).  I managed to capture one in my garden with one of Petey’s two main nemeses, just before he lunged and the kitty ran off.  Score one for Petey (and my BlackBerry’s crap camera)!


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