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Kennel Cough and The Vet
November 4, 2009, 11:23 am
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So, Petey’s Kennel Cough was getting worse.

Instead of once every hour or two going through a process of:

– first his tummy starts to hiccup/visibly pulse

– then it grows into a sort of dry heaving cough for sort of 4-5 increasing louder pulses

– culminates in a phlegmy, lung-coughing-up sounding, old man style hack up (though nothing spits up)

Instead of that process happening every 1-2 hours, it was coming every 1/2 hour (this was two days ago) and lasting longer.  Plus, all morning he didn’t want any food.  The lack of appetite was what really started to freak me out.

So we went to the vet.  There are three of them in walking distance from us.  The closest one is literally down the street and a 2 minute walk (or a 6 minute Petey drag).  I took him there without an appointment.  We didn’t wait very long, and a doc and assistant tended to him.  They both spoke good English.  Of course, Petey did not do his impressive coughing ritual for them, but they believed me anyway and gave me a new antibiotic for him (he had been ending a cycle of another one, to make sure he didn’t get any post-op infections from his neuter surgery.)

Because Petey’s a puppy, they couldn’t give me what they’d normally prescribe to knock out Kennel Cough.  They gave me amoxicillin, but in powder form.  I had to boil some water, then take 24 ml of it and mix in this powder.  (It really stinks!)  I’m to shoot a syringe of .9 ml of it into his mouth twice a day for 10 days.  It’s tough.  I have to hold him steady, pry open his mouth, and quickly aim & shoot to not miss (so far, I’m 3-for-3).  He, of course, hates this.  I half feel bad for him, but half enjoy watching him make a sour face and like stick his tongue out after and try and make the taste go away by swallowing a few times.  Doggie Schadenfreude!


But even though I liked this vet fine enough (we opened up a file for Petey and everything.  He’s to go back there Nov 16 to get his final vaccine and for us to do the doggie license paperwork), my friends Rebecca, Anna and I passed Rebecca’s vet (one of the other close ones) yesterday, and she was so pretty and ran in and brought me out a little marketing baggie of treats and her business info on a magnet that I thought – Hmm…I don’t feel like abandoning the first vet, but pretty + free stuff…might have to swtich… Plus, she has a cute sign out front with dogs & cats on it, and her office appears to be a ground floor apartment in a cute building like mine with a garden; my vet’s office looks like a tiny Korean takeaway place from Manhattan.  😦


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Shalom, Cousin Petey! You are adorable!

Comment by Jennifer

check the prices of both and let your wallet do the deciding.

Comment by Tony

Try shoot medicine into a cats mouth, they have claws. If it gets too hard to shoot the medicine into his mouth add it to his food. Just maek sure he is good and hungry so he eats it all.

Comment by Jonathan

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