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November 4, 2009, 10:18 am
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First of all, let me everyone in this photo wants the best for me & Petey, and also that everyone in this photo knows a lot about training dogs.  Ain’t no war, but this is a fun image for this post, so just go with it.

On the left side, are my mom and our friend Betsy.  Betsy is also the owner of The Bone Appetite pet store in Chestnut Hill, PA.  Combined, they have, like, 1.4 million dogs.  Seriously – my mom’s had five in her lifetime, and Betsy has five right now! (for realz).

On the right is Yoda Jeremy, my friend in Israel and owner of both a goldendoodle named Merlin and the Happy Dogs dog walking/boarding/training service.

I’ve written a lot about the training Jeremy has helped me with.  Betz, who lovingly sent me a care package of doggie stuff (which I can’t wait to get) commented on G-Fish that she thought Petey wouldn’t have overnight accidents like he did the other night if I crated him overnight, instead of moving him to his larger pen with separate potty area.

I shared this with Jeremy, who disagreed.  Even though a dog will typically not pee/poop where he lives/sleeps (and that’s why Betz says the crate – which has less space for Petey than his pen – would stifle nighttime accidents), Jer says Petey’s capacity to “hold it” just ain’t big enough to last overnight yet, and that he would have to go in the crate overnight, and that could just condition him to be, like Meh, it ain’t so bad to sleep in my junk.

Anyway, spoke to Mom last night, and she sort of agreed about Petey’s bladder and bowel capacity, but said that limitation doesn’t apply to when the dog is sleeping.  So, she thinks Pete could definitely make it the whole night, and recommends he sleep in the crate instead of the pen.

Also, Mom feels that taking Petey for pee/poo walks every hour is too often.  How’s he gonna develop his “holding it” skills if he gets to relieve himself every hour?  This makes sense.  In the beginning, I think he def needed that constant reinforcement to get the routine into his puppy head.  But now, he seems to have gotten it, and so let’s work on the “holding it” capacity thing.  Plus, this means I won’t have to interrupt my work every hour for :20 minutes a stretch, so I’m totes on board, too.

For now, it’s a tie.  Petey and I will space out our walks to longer intervals, but he’ll still sleep in his larger pen area (for now).  (No accidents in there last two nights; he held it 6 hours.)


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You crack me up!! AND did you have to pick the WORST photo? He is so cute!! And you’re doing a great job. I hope Petey feels better. You may have to hold onto the collar when you get it- it may be too big for now.

Comment by Betsy Olix

It’s the only one I have! (From our Broad Axe dinner.) Send another, and I’ll swap it. xo

Comment by skatp

If you are going with puppy pads, then the pen is cool, but I’m not a fan.

We’ve crated all our dog at night since they were puppies. They know when I say it’s time for bed where to go. As puppies, they were room restricted. Obviously they now have the run of the house.
Hana was the only “baby puppy,” at 8 weeks. She needed to be let out of her crate every 2-4 hours in the beginning. She would cry and wake me. She didn’t go in the crate after the first night. I learned that I needed to carry her out when she was really young, since she was just so excited I was taking her out and would let go right there. I think that only lasted a week or so… Later, she would run to the door and out. After only a few weeks, she was able to last like 6 hours and then finally 8+.
Pancake was good to go from the start, but he was already 5 mos… Gizmo was old at nearly a year old… But they all sleep in the crate only.
Your crate is the final size when Petey is full grown. It won’t work properly now that he’s tiny. He’ll pick a bed corner and a bathroom corner… It needs to be sub-divided to a tiny area in the front for all this to work.

Comment by Tony

Crate came with a subdivider wall, so we’re all set with that. He’s in about 1/3 of it now.

I’ll make the all-crate, all-the-time switch soon. But it’s 3 nights in pen with no accidents (yeah, pee pads in there, but he hasn’t even used them in 3 nites). He’s been holding both 7 hours three nites in row. But I just love laying his tired ass down on the bed in there at nite, and I think he likes it. We’ll switch soon enough…


Comment by skatp

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