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We Tried it His Way
November 1, 2009, 9:29 am
Filed under: Petey, Struggles


I really do not like pulling Petey down the sidewalk at the start of his walks.  I feel like a bully or that I am maltreating him.  And I really don’t like anyone watching me do this – then, I totes feel the guilt.

So for yesterday’s final walk, I tried things Petey’s way.  Like many Bauhuas buildings in TLV, my apartment building is built on “stilts” in front, leaving a street-level, covered front garden.  (This became very important to us during the last few days of constant rain.  Neither of us wanted to go out in it, so we just covered every inch of our garden; turns out it’s a very good place to pee & poop!)


So last night, rather than drag him down the street like Cruella deVille, I just let him explore the garden unleashed.  Sho enuf, he poo’d & peed.  Great.  Mission accomplished.

Then, he went right up to the door and pawed it, indicating he wanted to go inside and back up to the apartment.  I stood a few feet away and asked him a few times if he was sure, if he didn’t wanna try walking just a little bit more.  I held out the leash and dangled the part that attaches to his collar.  Nothing.  I dropped that part to the path and pulled it against the ground (trying to invite him to join me).  Nothing.

OK, fine. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way.  Instead of trying to force him to walk to the park or around the ‘hood the way I want him to, maybe I have the one dog who really likes being inside and just wants to come out, drop his business, and go right back inside.  So, we did it his way: quick droppage and back upstairs.

And how’d this work?….(see next post)


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