Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Morphing into Jewish mother.
October 31, 2009, 8:40 am
Filed under: Feelings, Petey

jewish-motherIn about a week, Petey & I go back to the shelter – to have the vets there make sure his stitches (from “the surgery”) healed OK, and to have a checkup in general.

There’s a few things I’m worried about him (in descending order):

1) Kennel Cough – OK, I feel A LOT better after just reading that link.  He definitely has this.  But if you click the link, you’ll see it will resolve itself in 6-10 days (he has a mild case).  He’s contagious (to other dogs) – but what, am I really gonna not let him smell/kiss any other dogs at this point?  That’s like taking away 1/3 of his fun.

2) Diarrhea – slash/loose stools.  I think this is nothing serious, too.  He’s still on antibiotics to make sure he gets no infections from his surgery, and I bet it’s these that are giving him not full-on soup d’rhea, but looseish stools.

3) Fleas – I don’t think he really has these, either.  The vet said he’s a little too small for this gel capsule to rub all over his spine, and instead he instructed me to buy Frontline spray for him (and use once/month).  I did this…but he keeps scratching his neck a lot.  He’s not chomping his tail and other parts of his coat, and it’s only the same area that he’s scratching.  It could be a mild allergic reaction to the tick collar he’s also wearing.  Yoda said not to worry about it; that there’s a lot of psychological reasons why dogs scratch themselves.

Still – I’ll feel better after the vet sees and checks him about again (and also after we’ve got our own vet and don’t have to go back to the shady ones at the shelter.  Shouldn’t say that – one was great.  But the other one we saw…)


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