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I’m not budging!
October 31, 2009, 10:09 am
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Petey’s a little high maintenance.  Maybe most dogs are.  I guess every parent owner feels their child pet is special, but I feel that Petey really is.  But along with his extra dose of cuteness comes a little divatude in select areas.

The main one is his bewildering and inconsistent refusal to walk.  More and more, I’m thinking Yoda was right.  Petey comes from a shelter, remember.  He’s only 3 months old, and he was brought in by a family at two months, so he’s lived a 1/3 of his life there.  I know they try to provide a good home there, and thank God for them really – but definition, it’s kinda crap, you know?

And so, by comparison, Petey has got it GOOD now.  So good, maybe he don’t ever wanna leave.  So, even though his tail starts to wag when he sees me grab his leash, and he starts a full-body wag when I open up his crate’s door, he will not budge from there if I gently pull him out on his leash.  He makes me pick him up and carry him downstairs and outside.

Then, almost always on Shimon Hatarsi (my street), he will refuse to walk.  Sometimes he’ll put all his paws down on the ground and lock legs; other times he full-on sits his tuchas down as well and give me negative amounts of cooperation.

Breaking out into a jog can sometimes get him going; I guess it’s infectious, and he wants to keep up.  Or sometimes, if I pull a little bit, he’ll walk a few more steps before refusing to move again.  Other times, I just flat out drag him on his butt down the sidewalk.  I always feel guilty doing this – like anyone watching will call PETA on my ass and think I’m an abuser.  But even Yoda says You are the boss, and you say when/where you’re walking, so don’t worry about that.

But it’s mainly only on Shimon Hatarsi.  Once we turn the corner past Super Baba (or if we go the other way on Hatarsi, when we get to this pathway that cuts through to the park) and start walking to Park Hayarkon, his resistance melts and he gets like I think he’s supposed to – all into it.

Then, sometimes, in the park too, he’ll randomly refuse to continue, and he’ll just sit down and harumph! me.  Usually, just picking a different direction is enough to get him going again.  But especially, if I turn around 180° and walk back the way we came, he gets real enthusiastic and cooperative.

And ONLY when we are back on Shimon Hatarsi heading to my apartment does he full-on pull me and break out into (cute!) leaps & jumps forward.

I think he just really likes home!

If that’s the reason behind all of his fussiness, well I guess I should feel flattered or happy he’s enjoying his new home so much.  But I’m not sure this explains everything.  Like, in the park, sometimes his obstinacy can be broken just by jerking him a little, or by switching directions but not necessarily returning from the direction in which we came.  Like, he’s just testing me and only being difficult because he can.  I kind of think he’s just a touch mental and/or maybe a major diva.




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