Gefilte Fish Out of Water

October 31, 2009, 10:28 am
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What’s so special about his photo, right?  I mean besides the fact that I’m a grown man who sleeps with a teddy shar pei bear.

To North Americans…nothing.  But Israelis will get it – there’s a comforter on my bed !!!  Since May, I haven’t needed one.  Just a top sheet (which – btw, is very hard to find in Israel), and in the summer, sometimes not even that.

But with the arrival of “winter”, it’s only in the low 60’s at night….but it’s a weird cold that – at least inside your apartment – gets into your bones.  Maybe it’s all the ceramic tiles our floors are made of – to keep the rooms cold in the summer.  So, the apartment is – almost overnight – seemingly chilly.  Out comes the blankey!  (No, not him.)

Anyway, super cozy sleeping underneath.  *snuggle*


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I know what you mean about it getting to your bones. Last Israeli “winter” was my first and it was SHOCKING. I mean, I’m from Chicago, right? Hard winters are in our blood. But we have heating systems. In Israel they got nothin’. All the apartments are made of friggin’ concrete and none of the windows are sealed… which is great in the summer, but in the winter. Holy-Coldness-Of-Death. I practically lived with a space heater 2 inches from me at all times for 3 months last winter there. Be prepared!

Comment by Jami

Don’t remind me. I first set foot here on vaca last Xmas. I remember. On the plus side, I do prefer being too cold to too hot (HATE to sweat). So Israeli summers are not my bag. But this lack of heating system / in your bones thing….yeah, not so good either. Already I have two pair socks on in my apt. :-/

Comment by skatp

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