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Bo vs. No vs. Lo
October 31, 2009, 12:04 am
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Is my dog gonna speak English or Hebrew?

Yoda Jeremy said there are 7 main commands to teach a dog:

– sit

– stay

– down

– off

– leave it

– come/let’s go

– make (go potty)

No! isn’t really a command (you’re supposed to use Off! or Down! instead), but c’mon – you know you’re gonna use No! a lot, too.

And that’s the thing – is it gonna be No! (english) or !לא (Lo! hebrew)?  Hmm, I kinda wanna use Lo! Like, it feels natural and fun to fire off 3 quick/consecutive Lo!-Lo!-Lo!‘s when he’s trying to chew something I don’t want him to.  And also, I really like !בוא (Bo! hebrew) instead of Come!

But – Bo! sounds like No! sounds like Lo! I don’t wanna make it harder for him than it has to be.  I gotta go with Come! over Bo!, even though I’m kinda into Bo!.  But I guess it makes no difference if I choose Lo! over No!


Along similar lines, I guess I gotta call pee-pee “sissy”, because I pee-pee sounds too much like Petey.  (Besides, “sissy” is what my family called it for our dogs, so it’s an ‘homage’, if you will.  I just find that word a little embarassing to use, that’s all.



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LOVE HIM!! Another KEY thing to do is, do physical movements with the commands you give, this way, should you have be in a position where you cannot speak or the dog cannot hear but you can see one another, he knows what the arm movements mean. such as a fist/arm raise like doing a curl for COME or BO…and I so agree…make even do your commands in Spanish or French…this way the dog will be tri-lingual….

love you, miss you..xxoxoxo

Comment by Michelle

Great idea. Thx, Mish. Love & miss u, too. xoxo, me

Comment by skatp

I went for English first with hand commands, then taught her Hebrew. She responds to all 3, together and individually.

Comment by Lauren

Wow, impressive! Can you recommend a training book?

Comment by skatp

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