Gefilte Fish Out of Water

We were like, off-script for maybe 5 seconds.
October 30, 2009, 10:05 am
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0511-0810-2417-1952_Dog_Peeing_clipart_imageMy & Petey are on a fierce routine.  I figured, you know, take the dog out every few hours, yada yada, you know, the usual – it ain’t rocket science.  But as I’ve mentioned a few times already, my friend (and owner of the Tel Aviv dog walking service, Happy Dogs – soon to have a Facebook fan page!) Jeremy is a Yoda-level-master-slash-Dog Whisperer with this training shiz, and has us on a schedule where I take Petey out after every hour of being in his crate.  Every hour.

And after a pee or a poo, he gets mondo praise and treats (I’m actually cutting them up into fours), and then we continue walking so he doesn’t think the walk’s gonna end the second he pees/poos, then major petting time on a park bench, then some more walking, then we go inside.

The last two days, the post-walk routine has expanded into a few minutes of training inside the apartment (now, we’re on the SIT command; stay/come are next…), then a few minutes of play/roughhousing, then I fix him a Kong, and he goes back inside the crate to futz with it/work to get the food out, then sleeps.  Until an hour passes, and then we do it all again….

But previously, I wasn’t doing the post-walk inside training & playtime bit.  We’d come inside, I’d make up a Kong for him, and he’d go straight in the crate.  (Jeremy told me not to have him go straight in there post-walk, b/c then maybe he won’t look forward to the crate instead of viewing it as his little home/private area.

So, anyway, two days ago (when it was still this simpler routine), I went “off script” for like two seconds, and let him wander/sniff around the apartment just a tad – you know, see where Dad lives.  He checked out Central Command my computer area, my couch/coffee table area, then headed into the bathroom to see what that’s about, and…lets fly a tinkle right on the bathroom rug.

I was like – WOAH, Petey !! Ran over, picked him up, yelled No! at him, while I held his face right in front of the pee puddle and hit his snoot in a downward motion twice (timed with the No!‘s).  (Before you get all PETA on my ass, can I blame it on my parents say that this is just how we did it in my family with our dogs growing up, and I actually think it’s a pretty common way of training.

But Yoda Jeremy says the research is doubtful that it’s very effective.  It could just undermine Petey’s trust in me and not much else.  Jer said while it might be hard for me, it’s better to just pick him up/stop him from peeing on the carpet and put him in his crate and that’s that.  Or – even better would be to leash him up and run right downstairs and back outside and plop him down to continue the pee, but outside.  This might help to reinforce the concept – Oh!  Leash + outside = Pee Party.



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Who would have thought the tales of potty training a dog could be so amusing.

Comment by Jonathan

LOL – really?

Comment by skatp

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