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First day of (Israeli) Winter.
October 30, 2009, 12:53 am
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Today was the first day of winter in Israel.

Not really.  But the conventional wisdom in Israel is that there really are only two seasons – winter and summer.  And even though the calendar says summer ended on Sept 21, here….it just ain’t so.  T-shirts & shorts predominate, stores still pump AC….oh, the days may be less OPPRESSIVE, and the nights are now pleasant, but in the sun it’s still hot as balls, you can still swim in the Mediterranean and people tourists still line the beaches, et cetera.

Until today.  The Facebook newsfeed here in Israel started going berserk around 8am.  It’s raining !!! , Israpeeps couldn’t shut up about it.  True enough, although I would’ve been fine walking Petey in a tank top & shorts, I donned jeans and a long-sleeve New York Road Runner’s race shirt, and my cool new U2 360 army cap, and something I’ve worn like only 3 times (when I was trying to be dressy at night) since April – shoes.

Tonight at a gathering my friends Anna & Eric had, it was a conversation focal point – What’d ya think of this first day of winter? No one had to ask you for clarification over what you meant.  Dec 21 may be just under two months from now, but in Israel, today was the first day of winter.



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Those pansys. 😉

Comment by Jami

Nice toes Scott, I never knew.

Comment by Jo Ostrin

You’re toast, Ostrin.

Comment by skatp

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