Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Ehzay Chamood !!!
October 30, 2009, 12:04 am
Filed under: Petey


I must’ve heard this sentence exclamation 10,000 times this week.  It translates to What a cutie! Chicks talking Hebrew a-mile-a-minute will stop dead in their tracks and proclaim it to the heavens upon sight of Petey.  Little girls, skater rat kids, old men, hunky gevers.  It’s funny, there’s hardly any variation.  Dudnt’madder who u r, when you see Petey for the first time, ya gotta exclaim:

אזה חמוד !!!


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[…] couldn’t shut up about it.  True enough, although I would’ve been fine walking Petey in a tank top & shorts, I donned jeans and a long-sleeve New York Road Runner’s race […]

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[…] know that Petey practically thinks his name is Ehzay Chamood (Hebrew for What a cutie!).  Girls and guys are powerless to his cuteness charms.  But so far, it hadn’t translated into putting a ring […]

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