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Daddy’s Pride (watching him learn)
October 30, 2009, 11:32 pm
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Yesterday evening, I carried Petey downstairs for our 19,000th 11th walk of the day.  (Funny – Petey walks up the stairs by himself, but doesn’t want to walk downstairs or even leave the crate, really.  More on this in another post.)

Following standard procedure, once we were outside I placed him down and sat on the step.  He jumped between my legs and started giving me kisses.

Then something really cool happened.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him look over at a patch of the front garden.  Not two seconds later, he hopped off me on his own (usually I’m the one to break it off) and jutted right over the patch of garden he spied and let fly a healthy, long pee.

This made me so incredibly proud of him.

You see, what I realized is that Petey is picking up housebreaking so quickly that he thought: PRIORITIES: he had a really full bladder at the moment, and he can give Daddy kisses any old time, but we came down here so that he could do his business, and he was bursting, so – first-things-first, better to take the giant leak now, then we can walk or kiss or see other dogs or do whatever afterwards.

*sniff* My little boy’s growing up so fast.



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Comment by Michelle

Aww, totes thx! xoxo

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