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My Dog is Smarter Than Your Dog
October 28, 2009, 9:26 am
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So, yesterday was just this incredible day of progress and learning for both me & Petey.

It started out on a bit of a whack note.  I was woken up (early) by Petey.  Not by his cries, which I was ignoring, but by him at the foot of my bed.  D’oh!  He found a way to move the 2nd layer of his pen wall (the bamboo) and escape.  One end isn’t affixed to the wall.  The bamboo is so high we left that one side unhinged, and just tucked it behind to screws we put into the wall behind it, to prevent him from pushing it open.  So we thought.  I guess, he was able to move it to the side, enough to push it past the screws.  Smart boy.  NBD, this is fixable by moving his crate up against that side of the bamboo.

So, then I looked inside his pen.

Good boy!

Petey had poo’d and peed exactly where he was supposed  to – in the little potty area of his pen.  I praised him, and then we went out for our first walk.  And he made his first pee outside on a walk!

Good boy!

Then, things went slightly south and kinda hectic.  I went back to bed for an hour, and put him back in his pen.  This was a mistake.  Since I was only gonna sleep for an hour, and that’s how long he can stay in his tinier crate space and hold it (once he gets the hang of it…which he totes has already), that should have been where I put him to prevent any accidents.  In the pen, he has room to potty.  And he did – both a pee & a poo.  So far, still a good boy.  But he was crying so hard for me to come get him out of them pen, that he stepped in his potty area (and in the poo) and then jumped up on the walls.  Hence, Wall Poo.  Plus, his pooey foots got it all over his bed covering.  Bed Poo.  Ew, bummer.


I flipped out a little.  Picked him up and held his face in front of the Wall Poo, and yelled at him,

Bad!  Bad, Petey!

And hit his little snoot in a downward slapping motion – NOT abuse, Peta-people, just in a firm training sort of way.  Still, this was wrong of me, b/c Petey hadn’t been acting out and doing this on purpose to get at me for putting him in his pen.  It was just an accident; he didn’t mean to step in it while jumping; it just happened.  He was innocent.

Cleaned the walls.  Came right off, thankfully.  Next, tried to clean the bed with paper towels over the sink.  But it was too big to really maneuver there, and the towels were crumbling; plus, you couldn’t get any wiping-leverage, b/c the bed was too soft and kept receding to my touch.

So, took it into the shower to use the spray jet on it.  Another mistake.  Drenched the thing.  Decided to unzip the cover and just wash the thing all by itself (Bio-Wash, 90° Celcius, thank you very much).  But water had soaked through a little to the actual mattress underneath, so I had to hang that over my clothesline.   But it was too heavy to hang just by the meshy/cottony outer fabric, and when I tried with two clothespins, it paused a sec and then fell down to the ground.  (I was able to fold it in half over the clothesline after, and that worked fine.  It dried and is back in place, clean as new.)

Phooey!  Ran down to get it.  My sudden exit flipped Petey out, and he peed in his crate.  I did not punish him for this; he was just totes scared and reacting to my crazy energy.

So, things are sounding dreadful by now, but relax, b/c the day was all uphill from there.  Petey and I went out for our next walk after that, and he peed outside (Good boy!), and – while I was on the phone (bluetooth) w/ my GF Anna, he made his first outside poo !!!

Good boy, Petey !!!

I praised the shit out of him.  (Or, maybe I mean to say: I praised him once the shit had come out of him.)

Anyway, that process was repeated all day long.  Petey made about four poos outside, and like 10 pees outside.  Each time, I praised him in ridiculous, almost cartoonish levels, and I gave him multiple treats each time.  Oh!  I forgot to say – his second outside pee came after I’d left him alone in his crate while I went outside for a 35-minute jog.  No accidents in the crate when I returned, and then, he did a really long pee almost right after coming outside.  Meaning – he didn’t just not pee in the crate b/c he didn’t have to; no, he didn’t pee, b/c he was holding it, b/c he is a Good Boy, and is already learning that he gets “paid” (praise, treats) for saving it up for outside.  Less than one day for him to start getting this concept.


The only thing I’m not loving is that when we first start out for an outside walk, he doesn’t wanna go anywhere.  He digs in and makes me drag him.  But once we turn the corner, he gets into it – smelling, pulling me, LOVING interacting with both other dogs and people, doing his business, playing with me after, etc.  Jeremy says this is a holdover from only being with me for one day.  He’s got it so good inside my place that he’s afraid every time we leave the apt, he ain’t coming back.  True enough, that behavior is fading, and he’s been more into his walks from the get-go this morning, already.

OK – gotta split, b/c literally it’s Petey’s next time for a walk in like two minutes.  Gotta stay on schedule!


The Peteness


Loving Daddy in Park Hayarkon after a morning pee & poo.


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Oh Scott!! I love your new puppy!!!

Comment by Jami

Thanks, Darlin!

Comment by skatp

He is the CUTEST!!!!

Comment by Betsy Olix

See my response to Tony. Also, he’s had loose-ish stools, and last night some diarrhea. I’m gonna cut back on the peanut butter I was putting with his kibble in his Kong. But, he’s also still on some antibiotics pills (post-op), so maybe that’s it?

Also, I sprayed him w/ flea shiz, but he’s scratching his neck occasionally. Normal?

Comment by skatp

Go Petey and Scott!

He is too cute. Yum.

Comment by Tony

Minor setback yesterday. We went “off script” for 2 seconds – let him sniff around the apartment after we were fresh back from a walk – and he peed on the bathroom rug. I probably should have leashed him right back up, booked downstairs, and set him down….hoping he gets it that pee = leash = outside. But instead I yelled at him and put his nose in it, and hit his snoot (not hard).

Comment by skatp

he is adorable!

Comment by Lauren

Thanks, Laur !!!

Comment by skatp

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