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Chick (& Dick ?) Magnet
October 26, 2009, 11:28 pm
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Petey is very obviously a puppy.  He coat just has that shiny-yet-hanging-off-his bones-clumsy-walk kind of look.  He’s friggin irresistible.  Grandmas, skate rat teens, grumpy bodega owners, straight couples, hot girls, and even hot guys just kinda notice his puppyness and stop to pet him and ask stuff like, How old? Of course, I try and maintain the Hebrew veneer as long as I can, but who are we kidding – my flunkie ass goes into English, but so what.  Anyway, I’ve met more people in the neighborhood and park tonight than I have in the four months I’ve been in this apartment  Crazy!

I mean, it is not an old wives’ tale – puppies are people magnets !!!


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He is sooo cute. Put an old towel or a mat in the crate. And don’t leave him alone behind those gates- I guarantee he will not be behind them when you get home! I will send your package out soon. I have to go to the post office.

Comment by Betsy Olix

….but so bad! actually, not so bad. He did his first two sissies outside today, and overnight he poo’d in his potty area in his pen – all good. but when i went back to bed for an hour this morning, he poo’d again there, and then walked in it and jumped up and got it all over the wall! Had to wash his bed cover. :-/

Comment by skatp

Sooooo cute…

Comment by Tony

Awwww, very cute! Better not let my daughter see him, otherwise it’s going to be “Daddy, I want!” all day!

Comment by Ashley

Promise, Ash.

Comment by skatp

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