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Barf !
October 26, 2009, 11:22 pm
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Like my outfit?

I picked Petey up today at the SPCA around 5:30 p.m.  The vet on duty gave me a spiel:

– Petey gets two antibiotic pills a day for 5 more days (post-op shiz)

– I have to go back in 2 weeks to get a post-op checkup.  He’s had all his shots, but I can get an additional booster of one he already had 2 doses of

– Info on flea & tic prevention

– Info on food (“just buy any brand that says ‘premium’ or ‘super premium’ on it” [apparently Petey’s a Lamborghini?] Well, how much should I feed him? “It’ll say on the side of the box”   NICE….

Anyway, the taxi ride was just too long for Petey.  He was doing great, checking outside the window and licking my face/nuzzling into me…but his little stomach just couldn’t deal with the motion that long and, he started gagging, and gagging, and gagging…And suddenly I felt warm.  And – oh God, Petey had hurled a lot of thick barf all over my shirt and shorts.  (Thank God I had the unconscious thought to wear crap clothes, so nothing seriously got ruined.)

We got out of the cab early and walked the rest of the way.  Petey was pretty spooked a lot, and kept digging in his heels.  But we made it home, got him some water, fed him some food, and put him into the crate.  Then, I went to work for a few more hours, and tried to ignore Petey’s cries.  We went out every hour – but so far he hasn’t done squat outside, but he’s made four pees and one poo (!!!) in his little crate, where he has no extra room but do practically sit in it afterwards, which Jeremy said he wouldn’t do.  Jeremy then whipped out this corollary on me: that Petey’s had about one month in the shelter of peeing/pooing right where he lives/sleeps with no one taking him out to do it.  So, he’s gotten used to it.  Not to worry, Jeremy said, he will get the idea soon enough.

Please pray for us.


Leaving the shelter.



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Petey’s one lucky pooch. You’re going to be dog’s best friend!

Comment by specialkrb

I hope, I hope, I hope. (Thx, K.) Just please say a prayer that he does his first business outside. So far it’s all been inside, albeit in the crate.

Comment by skatp

You need to wait him out… Take him out when he’s supposed to go… and wait… and wait. It might take 1 or 2 hours, but he will go eventually.. Then you praise him and reward him. He’ll do it faster the next time. After a few days, he’ll figure out he gets rewarded for doing it outside and he’ll be all too eager to do it to get his reward.

Comment by Tony

See my response to betsy on the “chick/dick magnet” post. He finally peed outside, but sometimes…when he goes in his crate or pen, there is just nothing left for outside, so it’s almost pointless.

Comment by skatp

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