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Tangled up in friends.
October 24, 2009, 2:36 pm
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So, my friend Ronnie Peterson is THE most famous blues & rock guitarist in Israel.  He’s played live and on recordings with “The Father of Israeli Rock” Shalom Hanoch for, like, 20 years.  He’s always doing shows, but they’re not usually in Tel Aviv, and since I don’t have a car, I had yet to see him.

Until last night.  Ronnie took his Bob Dylan tribute show, “Ronnie Does Dylan” to the Zappa Club last night, and I went with my friends Liron, Stan and Nate to see him perform.

Effin Wowza !

First of all, it was awesome that we were on the list and didn’t have to pay.  Then, it was awesomer that we were led to our own table in the front with a “Reserved” sign on it.  Then, it was double-secret-probation awesome that we got to go backstage before the show and shoot pool and drink espresso with the entourage before he went on – and no one could take our seats back at our reserved table.

It’s good to know the king.  Seriously, my ego was going berserk, and I am just a friend of the star!

The venue was super cool.  Like, a high class Supper Club (and the waiters stopped serving once the band went on – classy).  There must have been like 250 people in the crowd.  The energy was high.  I don’t go out to nice places much yet, b/c you know, I’m totes poor.  So, it was really nice to be in a classy place on Shabbat (which is Israel’s Big Night Out….after the restful fam/friend Shabbat Dinner, Friday night is like Israel’s big Saturday Night Out), with everyone feeling great and there to enjoy themselves.  I saw my friend from Ulpan, Giselle, who had moved to Netanya after the 2nd month of class.  She’s a hot, baby-boomin’ Frenchie, and it was a treat to get to schmi a bit and catch up.

So, let’s get to the show: It Rawked !! I’m not an über Dylan fan, but I know songs like “Like a Rolling Stone,” “Tangled up in Blue,” “Lay Lady Lay,” and “(Everybody Must Get) Stoned.”  Turns out I recognized a lot more, like “Maggie’s Farm” and “All Along the Watchtower.”  And I really enjoyed a lot of the rest of the tracks, too.  Ronnie started off with mellower, acoustic tunes, but went electric after about four songs.  I got a printout of the set list b/c I want to steal download the songs that were new to me.

The Set List.  (some songs eliminated for time).  Notice the signature and note below.  Hmm...awesome personal keepsake....or ebay fortune to be made ??

The Set List. (some songs eliminated for time). Notice the signature and note below. Hmm...awesome personal keepsake....or ebay fortune to be made ??


(sorry, I forgot the good camera.) BlackBerry pics.

I was rockin out in my chair.  Liron and I almost died when we saw a husband and wife going at it at a table in front of us.  Like, if he kissed her any harder, his head would have been coming out her asshole.  Hey, more power to ’em – love is good thing, but yeesh!, man – pace yourself.

I hope they used a condom.

I hope they used a condom.

Then, Ronnie brought his son Eric out to jam with him.  Eric’s only in eleventh grade, but – Holy Shit !! – he has fuckin magic fingers that played honest-to-God, Eddie Van Halen-like guitar solos!  We were all floored.


Like Father, Like Son

After the show, we went backstage again, and the mood was really celebratory.  The band put on a great show, and rightly felt great about it.


One more shot.  I don’t know who this chick was bangin, but how awesome were her shoes!



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Hey Scott, thanks for writing great stuff about me! you write great.

Take Care


Comment by Eric Peterson

Thanks for the compliment, Eric. And I really, really enjoyed hearing/watching you play. I have a feeling I’m going to be enjoying your music for a long time.

Comment by skatp

Wow Scott, I am so seriously jealous. I want to go with you next time. Jo

Comment by Jo

Absolutely, Jo!

Comment by skatp

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