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Petey Prep.
October 24, 2009, 3:41 pm
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T-minus two or three days until I bring Petey home.  My friend and owner of Happy Dogs dog walking service, Jeremy, took me to two pet stores and helped me buy a lot of essentials – crate, treats, leash, collar, bowl, doggie bed, etc.  And, along the way, he explained many things to me – how to set up the crate, how Petey will have a separate, larger “pen” area to put him in when I’m away, how to use a “kong” to keep Petey occupied when I’m away and make it more of a game for him to get his food, how to doggie-proof my apartment and more.  I’m really lucky to have him as a friend.

I’m not sure how much I’ve spent so far, but I took some money out of savings to pay for it, and it’s OK.  Today I went to ACE hardware (open on Shabbat, b/c it’s American-owned) and scored two doggie gates.  My friend Lawrence is coming over tomorrow to help me connect them to each other and then to the walls of a corner of my kitchen to make the little pen for Petey.


Petey's place.

The crate arrives tomorrow.  And for food and things like flea treatments, I’ll ask the vet and do what she says.

The pen was the hard part, b/c of the way I’m using two of them to make, like,  a 90-degree angle with it, instead of using it as directed as a sliding gate in a door frame.  And with these gates I found and Lawrence’s handyman skills, I’m gonna be all set.

Gettin’ excited !!!


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