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Can I expense rent now?
October 17, 2009, 4:50 pm
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Starting last week, I began working from home.

Not like I ever had a really long commute or anything.  My office is a few short minutes bike ride from my apartment.  But last month, we lost the Internet in the office due to a burnt-out router, and I started working at the local Arcaffe at nearby Basel Square.

There are only three good spots to sit – places next to an outlet to plug in a laptop, I mean.  So, I would get there @ 2pm and work until 9.  Nice environment, but when the dinner rush comes, you really have to use the iPod to cut out all the playing kids, and also not getting up to pee (hello, laptop theft!) is kind of a bitch.

The office internet was restored, but my boss told me he’d prefer that I work from home instead.  He explained I could plug the cable internet connection in my apartment directly into my laptop and get a zippy broadband connection and still be able to send/receive email from Microsoft Outlook and have access to all my files and everything.  He asked Would you be okay with this?

Hmm, I’ve always been a guy who prefers going into an office rather than working from home.  I like going somewhere and being with people.  The times I’ve freelanced from home, it was very hard to stay focused and not be on Facebook and Perez and Craigslist and the rest.

But, you know what?  This is going to work out fine.

Now I can expense half my monthly internet bill.  Does this mean rent is on the table, too?

Then, there’s the little fact that neither me or boss can really stand each other anymore.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we do seem to work better virtually.  Plus, I’m going with my friend Anna this week to the shelter to get a puppy.  Hello! Perfect, now that I can work from home and not leave him/her alone for long stretches of time. And how great will it be for taking breaks to go for a quick potty walk in the park right next to my house?

So far, I have stayed disciplined and very productive my first week, working intensively on a mammoth project.  (Grr, wish my mornings were going the same way.) Plus, as long as you’re productive, room for slackage is always a good thing.


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You are funny, talented, and handosme. What more could a MOM want………. hugs

Comment by Mother

Love you, Mom.

Comment by skatp

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