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Everything’s better with a puppy.
October 11, 2009, 10:29 am
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Her name’s Fiona.  No, she isn’t mine; she’s my friend Evan’s.  But I did babysit her for a weekend last month.  And it went well.  She looks happy here, right?

No accidents in my home.  I was a little annoyed how she kept sneaking onto  my couch during the night to get her solo zzz’s, and it bothered me too, how during walks, she always wanted to go into people’s yards rather than stay on the main sidewalk path.  But we had a good time together.

Watching her was significant for me, b/c it was the first time I ever cared for a dog by myself in an urban environment.  I always grew up with dogs, but my mom was the one responsible for them.  If my parents were away, I was in charge – but in suburbia, you only have to let the dog out into the yard; there is no having to walk it to make sure it does its business.

Fiona was the first time I had to completely be responsible for a doggie as an adult – feed her, walk her, etc.  It was a test-drive really, b/c I want to get my own dog now.  I asked my ex-boyfriend, boss landlord if it was OK with him, and he said it is.  So, now I have to go to a shelter and pick one out.  600 shekels, and that includes shots and spaying/neutering.

What else do I need to buy – leash, bowl, doggy bed, cage, food, brush…

Mom ?!

Fiona - I didn't kill her.

Fiona - I didn't kill her.

Inhaling a bone underneath my coffee table.

Inhaling a bone underneath my coffee table.


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the things you listed will be perfect. but you also need a doggie tag with her/his daddys’s info and the doggies name. bully sticks also. flossies too. what fun. sharing your life with children and dogs is rewarding. I will help follow your journey as a doggie daddy.
love Mom libby darby and our old old cat kerchief

Comment by Mother

thanks, mom!

Comment by skatp

you will also need to get flea medication and protection against tics.

as the puppy gets older you will also want to brush her teeth.

Comment by Evan

Thanks, Ev.

Comment by skatp

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