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September 5, 2009, 3:21 pm
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The day after the Madonna shows was my 9th sober anniversary.  I’ve been clean & sober and attending AA meetings for nine frigging years (thank God).

I decided to throw myself a housewarming party for the occasion.  I’d been wanting to have one, but prefered to wait until most of my artwork was up on my walls.  Also, I had a stupid notion that “I wasn’t good at throwing parties.”  I mean, I don’t cook and whatnot.  But my friend Anna said that was silly, and I could just use Facebook to invite peeps, buy snacks from the supermarket, fire up the iPod and violà!, I’d be in business.

And so it was.

My friends Jeremy, Samadar, David, Ron, Leah, Itay, Anna, Eric, Keitlin and Jean attended.  Some people brought cakes and desserts, one guest gave me a gift certificate to an art gallery, and one guest bought me a beautiful cactus in a pot that perfectly matches my curtains.

The three packages of appetizers I bought were all in Hebrew.  I figured I’d wait until an Israeli friend showed up so I would know how long to nuke them for.  Only one problem.  Samadar told  me they weren’t nukable, but for a stove only, and I don’t have a stove or even a toaster oven.  *wah, wah!* [Debbie Downer music.]  Samadar jumped into action, alternating between my hot plate (with makeshift tin covers) and microwave to cook the pizza squares I had opened.  30 minutes and some smoke later, we produced some soggy dough gobs!       And, scene.

Soggy, dough square, anyone?

Soggy dough square, anyone?

I planned the party to be from 8:30-11:30 p.m., and my guests arrived at 8:45 and left at 11:45.  Just perfect!  We really all had fun, gabbing and laughing and kibbitzing.  I had just enough chairs to accommodate everyone, with a few peeps grabbing pillows or whatnot and sitting on the floor.

We used my computer at times to look at Jeremy’s amazing paintings and my Madonna pictures.

When everyone left, I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude.  Here I was, 9 years sober, living in Israel, embarking on a writing career (having just discovered my passion for it after moving here and starting this blog), just saw my # 1 icon up close and personal in concert, just scored a major professional accomplishing (landing my client on, and having met a really nice boy this week I was to go out with the following night.  Do you think I ever imagined this would be my life when I put down alcohol and drugs on September 3, 2000?

I could not have imagined this for myself.  IT IS BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS.

With 15 minutes left in my anniversary, I called my sponsor back in New York (I have one in Israel, too) and got to tell him about my gratitude, the week’s activities, and hear him congratulate me, and us tell each other we love one another. 

I am just so blessed.

Then, I even cleaned up my apartment and got it superspiffy again before going to bed.  Here are some pics of most of my friends from the night.  I cheated with the lead pic above.  It’s from the next night, when I was a guest at Anna & Eric’s house, and they had people over for Shabbat Dinner Wings (*mmm, slobber*), which is totally in the Torah, I think.

Me & Anna

Me & Anna

Samadar & Jean

Samadar & Jean

Itay & Leah

Itay & Leah

Me & Jeremy & our Stars of David

Me & Jeremy & our Stars of David


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