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I Have a Notion.
August 25, 2009, 10:28 pm
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Tonight I went to a screening of Were The World Mine, a musical, LGBT-themed film that has won many awards, been compared to “Hedwig & the Angry Inch” by The Advocate and gotten great writeups in New York Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and many others.

It was a fundraiser to help The Aguda rebuild after the horrific hate crime committed there in which two LGBT youths were shot to death and many others injured.  I mistakenly thought it was last Friday night, and I showed up to the sound of crickets.

But luckily I didn’t miss it.  For a guy who has pretty much done nothing but study and work full time in Tel Aviv for the last 6 months, and who was active in the LGBT community in New York in many ways (e.g. singing in the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, volunteering at God’s Love We Deliver), I was feeling very enthusiastic about doing something for My Community here and if I wound up with a Date out of it, that wouldn’t be so bad either.

25608528I did “The Secret” on the bike ride over there, and declared to the Universe that I was going to meet my future Husband there.  I planned on putting myself on display in the lobby of The Cinematheque, but actually I was preoccupied Tweeting  about it (and was siked when I did my first ever Tweet with both  Twitpic and TinyURL links in it [ wouldn’t work on my BlackBerry]).

I forgot that in Israel, your ticket gives you an assigned seat, so by accident I sat in someone else’s seat.  He tried to explain to me, and I was just like, No, no one’s sitting next to me, thinking that was what he was asking.  Then, I figured it out a few minutes later when I watched someone kick him out of his seat, and I realized he probably thought I was a dick by not moving when he asked (in Hebrew).  I apologized and went to my own assigned seat.  Oops. 

The film was in English with Hebrew subtitles.  You could tell that most everyone understood the English, b/c of the way the laughter sprung in all the right moments where there wasn’t any dialogue.  (Sidenote: I’m becoming a little bummed that I don’t pay for cable TV here, b/c if I were to watch films and shows the other way around – in Hebrew with English subtitles – this is supposedly a really good tool for learning Hebrew faster.  So is listening to Hebrew talk radio, but I’m not doing that either.  :-/  )

Well, it was a faNtaSTic film !!!  Really got me in the mood to find True Love.25607810  Afterwards, I got to say Hi to both Yair Hochner, who runs the TLVFest and was responsible for tonight’s screening, and Anat Salomon, who programs TLVFest.  Both of them are filmmakers.  I met Yair during the Gay Pride Parade in June, and I indirectly worked with Anat when I did PR for the film Abomination back in 2007.  It was good to reconnect with both of them tonight.

HU005439I felt very happy riding my bike home, singing Ambrosia’s “Biggest Part of Me” on my iPod in the empty street with no hands!  (I’d been testing that out, remembering that I used to be able to do it in my bike-riding-kid days of the early 80’s, but tonight I just full-on went for it, and had sort of my Rocky/King-of-the-World-Titanic moment.

One last thing:  at one point in the movie, a character said, “C’mon follow titanic_king_of_world_dicapricrowme. (and then all dramatically Shakespeare-like), “I have a notion.”  Right after, I overheard someone a few seats away explaining what the word “notion” is, b/c the (native Hebrew speaker) thought the actress said “ocean.”  This was a total reverse moment of what it’s like for me right now (with Hebrew); all the time, I mis-hear and misunderstand words, b/c my vocabularly is so small.  I was a little comforted by the fact that it happens for the Hebrew speakers with my native language, too.  😉


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