Gefilte Fish Out of Water

August 14, 2009, 3:35 pm
Filed under: Friends, School

During Friday’s Thursday’s morning session of Ulpan, Dina had us read a dialogue between a bank teller and a man going to withdrawl money and check on the status of the new ATM card he ordered last week.

The lesson had multiple purposes – we were practicing a real-world bank situation and learning bank verbs like “withdrawl” and “deposit,” but we were also practicing future and past tenses of new verbs.

Anyway, after reading quietly on our own or in small groups, Dina asked who would like to read the text aloud for the class.  Beata and Dov volunteered.  Beata plays the bank teller and Dov plays “David.”

I spontaneously grabbed my camera out of my bag to shoot a video snippet to post on G-Fish.  It’s in the middle of the dialogue.  Beata The bank teller has most of the lines, while Dov David, really just says one-word responses like “Thanks” and “OK.”

I asked both of them for their permission if it was OK for me to post on here for those considering Aliyah to see a little bit inside a classroom.  It was nice of them to say Yes, b/c you know, we work hard to learn to read another language, and sometimes we don’t sound super perfect.  Beata and Dov are two of the best students in our class.


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