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OMG, that bitch. She’s Amanda !!!
August 7, 2009, 7:56 pm
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Some background: So, back in June a guy messaged me on Atraf.  A hot guy.  A really hot guy.  He was Israeli, but had been living in the U.S. a few years attending school, and had just returned here.  The Tel Aviv gay pride parade was coming up in a few days, so I asked him if he would like to meet for coffee after it.  He told me he was skipping the parade this year.  Meanwhile, we friended each other on Facebook.  Then, a few days after the parade, I see his pics from the parade in my Facebook newsfeed.  Liar and dumbass.  But I didn’t want to start a potential friendship off by saying, So, you’re a liar, huh? plus, he was still totally hot, so I just ignored it.

Tried asking him out once or twice more, and made a few comments on his posted photos and status updates on FB.  Zip response.

So then, I wrote a few weeks ago about how he sat down next to this Incredible Hunk who was on the blanket next to me at Hilton Beach.  I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of The Hunk’s butt, which was totally spread out in all of its ravishing majesty right in front of me.  I posted my pics both on Facebook and G-Fish (my nickname for this blog).  I took them down from FB after a few days.  (I’m not one for uploading lotsa pics to FB.  These were always meant to be up only temporarily – just to grab the attention of friends back in NY.  Mission accomplished!)

OK, you’re caught up now.  קדימה…  Two days after that, The Hunk comes up to me at Lima Lima, a bar that has a really cool gay party on Monday nights.  He recognized the Hebrew tattoo I have on my left bicep.  I really love this party, but I hadn’t been since April, b/c it gets going at midnight, and I always have school the next morning.  But you can only backburner a social life for so long, and I needed to get out there.  Me and Hunky wound up sharing a taxi home.  Never mind that I had ridden my bike to the club, and just left it chained to a pole so I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Fast forward to the next weekend.  I’m at Hilton Beach again with a new friend from New York considering making Aliyah.  Amanda  That Bitch  The original Hot Guy from Atraf shows up and makes a face and wincing sound/expression, like OOOooohhhhh….  I’m like What?  He’s like You put pictures of us up.  I’m like Oh, you mean on my blog? (D’oh !!)  He’s like No, on Facebook.  I’m like Oh, maybe that’s why he ignored my friend request on Facebook this past week.  Was he [The Hunk] upset about that?  Amanda That Bitch Hot Guy gives a long, dramatic pause and goes Well, let’s just say that before you post pics of somebody’s ass like that online, you should really ask them.  I’m like, But I took them down already.  And you couldn’t even see his face in them or tell his identity.  And I wasn’t even introduced to him until two days after those pics were taken.  He does more of his passive-aggressive-trying-to-make-me-feel-guilty-schtick and walks away.

I feel bad, but it’s a beautiful day at the beach and I’m having fun with friends, so I just decide to call him when I get home and apologize.  When I call later, he doesn’t pick up, nor does it go to voicemail.  So, I send him a message on Facebook apologizing. 

I can’t resist turning this over in my mind that night, when I have an A-ha !! moment.  It was totally Hot Guy who told The Hunk about the pics!  OMG, he is totally backstabbing Amanda from Melrose Place!  Totes !!!  Hunky was never my friend on FB, so he never could have seen the pics unless Hot Guy forwarded them to him.  That bitch!  So, I just quietly unfriended her from FB and Atraf.  No need to make dramz, but certainly don’t need phony weasels like her in my life, either.

Coda:  Hunky replied a day or two later, saying that Hot Guy had told him about the posted pics, but that he (The Hunk) didn’t care and totally wasn’t mad at all.  He didn’t accept my friend request only b/c he’s hardly ever on FB and only uses it to talk to friends overseas; in fact he is anti-Facebook for communicating with local friends where you can just pick up the phone. Oh.  Plus he’s not looking for anything serious right now.  😦

Update:  Saw The Hunk this morning in Nachalat Binyamin Market, where I was walking with a GF, admiring crafts.  Said hello, but he was on phone, so didn’t get a chance to talk and kept walking.  But at least it was a friendly, normal exchange.


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Scott you are hilarious……… and the best. just love you xoxoxxo

Comment by Mother

LOL, thanks Mom !!

Comment by skatp

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