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Le Corbusier Chair
August 7, 2009, 11:26 pm
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I ordered it 16 months ago.

In tan.  Specially ordered.  For my Harlem apartment.

Thursday it finally arrived.  In white.  For my Tel Aviv apartment.


It’s a Le Corbusier lounge chair.  I first discovered them via my friend Stuart, who has one in his apartment.  They are sooo comfortable.

Long story worth going into?  Not really.  It just kept not being ready, and delivery was postponed and postponed, and finally I tell my mom I’m having it delivered to her house, b/c I was suddenly audi and moving to Israel.  And then she writes months later to say WTF? No chair arrived here! 

So I talk to NJ Modern, from whom I placed the order…in April 2008.  Sebastian, the salesguy I’ve been communicating all this time, makes me a deal.  1/2 off, in white, but you pay for the shipping.  So, I had it sent to Omega Shipping, and added to the shipment of my art I had scheduled to be sent to me in Israel.

And now it’s here.  So comforable to sit on and beautiful.  Since I’m not getting a TV, and I just use my computer to catch the few shows I watch, I put it opposite that, and last night watched the most recent ep of Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List on it.  So nice!


King Farouk

King Farouk


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