Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Chris Firo
August 4, 2009, 8:30 pm
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firoMy last name is Piro (pronounced PEER-oh).  It’s Italian. 

Sometimes it gets mispronounced PIE-row.  And when I was little, if someone was gonna tease me, sometimes they would call me “Pyro” or “Pyromaniac.”

But today was the first time anybody ever mispronounced it Fear-oh.  It’s because the Hebrew letter פ can either be a pay (makes the “p” sound) or fay sound (makes the “f” sound).  Heebs and Heeb-lovers will know the only difference is whether or not the letter has a little dot in the middle of it, and in modern Hebrew, people mostly don’t bother to put the dot in, and you’re expected to figure out which letter it is from the context.

So, that explains the mistake Schlomit made today in class.  Schlomit is a substitute teacher we’ve had the past two days while our teacher Dina is away.  And she is a TOTAL character!  A real hoot, and class has been so much fun with her there.

She also had some difficulty remembering all of our names (there’s 30 of us, so this is understandable), and she off-and-on took to calling me Chris (which I kinda enjoyed).  It’s fun getting to be a different person sometimes.  This is why the Beatles called themselves Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band once.

Random Google images I pulled up in "Firo" search.  Anybody know WTF this is?

Random Google images I pulled up in "Firo" search. Anybody know WTF this is?


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A Swedish model for becoming a more open and confident person within a group context.

Comment by Mr D

Really ?? You know what – I think that’s really cool! Thanks for translating, Mr.D !

Comment by skatp

Well, it’s in Swedish, but I now see the model itself isn’t Swedish:

Comment by Mr D

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