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July 28, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Hafsika means “break” in Hebrew. 

We get a 1/2 hour break from class at 10:00 a.m., and a ten-minute one later at 11:50 a.m.

New classes are starting all the time here at Ulpan Gordon, because you constantly have new immigrants arriving and needing to learn Hebrew.  Last week, I noticed a lot of new , hot students during hafsika; it was really packed!

I decided it was worth showing you how jammin’ an environment it is.  There are students – new immigrants and just temporary visitors in Israel – from all over the world: including, North & South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Australia. 

A lot of them are younger than me (like, in their 20’s), because if you think about it, it’s more common to make a big step like emigrating when you’re younger.  But plenty of people are just as crazy as me my age and even older, too.

Looks fun, don’t it?  BTW, here is a good one-pager my friend and fellow blogger Ms. Babble wrote up about what to do before you begin studying in an ulpan.  She created the Ulpan Gordon site I linked to above, too.


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Thanks for the shout out! Great vid of Gordon too! 🙂

kol ha’kavod!

Comment by Jami

Hi Scott, great video clip, but I would love to see a looooonger one of the life in the Ulpan and the break..


Comment by Itay

Thanks, Itay. I will try, but I’m always afraid the school is going to get pissed off at me for putting vids up. I already got the attention of the principal when I made a post about a staffer and it was so popular it spread around the faculty! I got in trouble for it and had to take it down. Also, you know, the golden rule for internet vids is that short is King. But I’ll try and come up with something good for you.

Comment by skatp

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