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It’s the Jewish Olympics, Cuz!
July 22, 2009, 9:21 pm
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Tomorrow is the closing ceremony for the Maccabiah Games.  I haven’t been following them or going to any events (my schedule doesn’t allow for it), but basically they are the Jewish Olympics.  Jewish athletes from countries all over the world come to Israel for two weeks of competitions – a “Battle of the Jews,” if you will.  This is the 2nd largest sporting competition in the world; only the real Olympics is larger.

Yesterday I was taking a break from work by going for a short bike ride in the park, when I heard from across the river Now batting for the United States….  It was a Maccabiah baseball game, probably the finals or semi-finals, since things are winding down tomorrow – Canada vs. U.S.  Aww, I got a little wistful.  If I didnt’ have to return to the office, I would have parked and watched a few innings. 

Anyway, turns out my cousin Susan’s travel agency is in charge of booking the travel for the entire American team and their families, and Susan is here!  Today she took me to lunch in the the Hilton Hotel.  It was very nice.  I had Japanese salmon.  Susan is magnificent, and I love her.  We had a really fun time.  She’s been working super hard, and today was to be her day off.  I hope she got some sun after I left!

Thanks, Susan!

Thanks, Susan!

She deserved that break!

She deserved that break!


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I was super excited to be here for the Maccabiah Games…. that is, until I attended. I made a little blog post about it if you’re interested:

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