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July 17, 2009, 7:33 am
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We are now 3/5 finished our Intensive “Kita Alef” Ulpan course.

We finished one text book and began using another one (Yay!  Totally lighter to carry and more room in the exercises to actually write in it.)

And Dina gave us a pop quiz giant effing test!  As she’s passing around a 10-page packet, she’s like (in Hebrew): OK, class.  Put away your books and do this work now.  Do it alone, not in groups of people.  Important: do it by yourself.  We’ll work now.  The sheep People start working silently, although everyone’s a bit confused, as we’ve never got this kind of assignment in class before.  As usual, I’m the one to speak up, so I put up my hand and say (בעברית) This is a test!  (My momma done raise no dummy!)  I prefer to to call it “work,” Dina says.

Everyone continued working silently.  I wanted to strangle [name omitted to protect his identity], whose nervous cough and throat clearing kicked in and was going berzerk.  It was slow going for me, but I was doing well.  Most of the class finished much quicker than I did.  At the end of class, I had only completed 57 of 100 multiple choice questions.  So, I got to take the exam home as a “take home test,” promising not to use any books or help.

And guess what?  I got an 85.  I was ecstatic.  85 is very good!  It’s a Solid B.  Seeing her grade, double smiley face and the word ! יןפי (which means “Beautiful!”) on my test made me so happy.


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