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Look, Ma – No English!
July 17, 2009, 6:02 pm
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grampa29wb5Sometimes when I’m in class, I just want my friends & family back home just to be able to see me.

They can hear about how I go to Hebrew school for five hours a day, five days a week.  But that’s not the same as being there in the classroom, experiencing what I do.

I wanted to show this, so I asked our teacher Dina if I would have her permission to show a short clip of her teaching a lesson.  I yay!’d to myself when she answered yes.

This clip isn’t a particularly hard lesson.  I wanted a clip where we were learning a whole new binyan (class of verbs) in a new tense of something – something dramatic, where Dina’d be writting different prefixes & suffixes and verb conjugations all over the board.  But I didn’t get that.

This is a few minutes of Dina explaining to us that while Heef-eel, Schlomeem and Heef-eel Ayn Vav/Ayn Yood verbs have a different prefix from one another in the past tense, they are conjugted identically in the future tense.

It’s a little funny at the :47 second mark, when my friend Dov (sitting in front of me) stretches out and blocks the camera with his arm.  You can hear me start to freak out a bit as he’s approaching total blockage, and when he does, I just push him off.

Anyway, I love class.  We have such a good time, and Dina is such a good teacher.  I’ll post a few other short clips when we’re doing different kinds of lesson (e.g. reading texts, getting called on to read homework answers, etc.)

Here now, without any further adieu, is Dina performing her hit single, Heef-eel Ahteed.  [note: WordPress requires a paid upgrade to be able to upload videos.  I did a workaround by uploading to YouTube and then embedding to G-Fish.  However, I made the video private, out of respect to my teacher’s privacy.  If you would like to view the video, please leave a comment below, requesting that I send you a YouTube invite in order to view it.  Thanks!]


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I think Dov has “SHPILKAS”!!!!!

Comment by Betsy

I think you’re right, Betz.

Comment by skatp

I love Hebrew…פרפיקסים…what would Israelis do without English?

Comment by Lauren

Hi, Lauren – OK, I confess: I don’t know what the Hebrew word you wrote means. Fess up!

Comment by skatp

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