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I Gots a Purrrpose!
July 16, 2009, 6:40 pm
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So, I have some very exciting news.  I am now a weekly columnist for I Googled Israel!

I’ll tell you how this came about.  So, last week, I was doing my post on studying with my friend Leah.  And, as I was getting to the end of it, and I was really working hard to describe this sort of complex flash-forward about a possible future for me in Israel, I suddenly realized, I was enjoying writing it so much!  Now, sorry but – I have always hated people who’ve always known what they want to be when they grow up do for a living.  I love being a doctor!  I’ve wanted to be one since I was four.  Grr, suck it.  That was never me.  I graduated from film school, tried my hand at acting in the NYC, worked a few years trying to become the Gay Kelly Ripa On Camera Talent/a newscaster, and wound up making a nice career for myself in public relations.  I took it in a direction that suited me, starting with big corporate clients and ending up representing indie films, LGBT causes, nonprofits and other enterprises that meant something to me.  But did I LOVE my career?  Did I feel like I was born to do this, like it was my purpose in this lifetime?  No.  I just kind of arrived at a place of acceptance about that, and figured my enjoyment from life was meant to come from my relationships.

But I finished that post, and *bing!*, I suddenly knew: I want to be a writer when I grow up.  And I want G-Fish to become my first book.  [Sidenote: this really helped me to feel more sure about my decision to move to Israel.  Before this, I would occasionally wonder if I acted too spontaneously with this drastic move.  But it was only by moving here that I began writing G-Fish, and yada yada, that I arrived at this epiphany with what I want to do/be with my life.  I only discovered it through this move, so no more doubts about it.  I belong here.]

So, a day or so later, I ask Leah for the URL of another English language Israeli blogger she told me about, Lisa Goldman, so I could add her to my blogroll.  She sends me the URL, and a really cool article, Israel’s Top 25 Bloggers, probably thinking I would check out some of my peers, find new sites I like to visit, and add some more peeps to my blogroll.

But instead, I went to the “contact us” section of the site, and asked the editor if he would please consider adding G-Fish to the list next time he did a similar roundup of English language bloggers.  The editor, Ashley, replied the next day with the surprise offer to write a weekly column for the site!  He had been looking for someone new to Israel to tell stories about being an עלאה חדש , and after taking a look at my blog, he thought I would be good for I Googled Israel.

TheAlchemistHave you ever read The Alchemist?  It’s a wonderful book about following your Personal Legend, the thing that gives you enthusiasm.  “When you’re following your personal legend, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it…The heart never suffers when it goes in search of its dream, because every moment of the search is a step towards encountering God and Eternity.”

I’d do well to relax and enjoy every little next Baby Step.  Don’t need to worry that I don’t already have decades-old research routines for when I’m given column assignments.  Why don’t I get my first assignment first?  Don’t need to worry about the first book’s story structure or how I’m going to land a publisher and what the publicity plan will be.  How about I first write enough G-Fish posts and columns to even begin to think about writing a manuscript draft? 

The right help will always appear at the right time.  Like Ashley, with the perfect 1030Paoloopportunity to get my feet wet and some visibility, but won’t overwhelm my ulpan and work schedule.  Or, I can call up my NY friend Scott, who’s studied writing at Columbia and is already writing his first book.  It’s about the pursuit, the process, and the enjoyment of it.


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