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Quickie Update on Digs
June 27, 2009, 10:15 am
Filed under: Infrastructure


Just some quick pics to show you how my crib is shaping up.

I love it.  It’s way nicer than the last place I had (in Harlem, NYC).  That was a nice place, too; but this one is just nicer: so white, stylish and clean, no?

The floor is a little yucky, though.  Thank God I have a Swiffer and the dry cloths from the U.S.  But I don’t yet have the Wet Jet, and “mopping technology” in Israel is medieval, so if Joan Crawford were to show up my place and closely examine my floors, she’d probably burst a few blood vessels.  But to the naked eye, it is looking fine.

Art is en route from U.S.  I’ll show you when I get it up on my walls.

So far I haven’t had to use my air conditioning.  It’s plenty hot outside, but my place gets Northern exposure, so when the day is hot in the afternoon, I’m not getting direct sunlight anymore, and this keeps it cool.  (Also, the buildings here have a lot of concrete, which insulates from the heat.)

These Plug-In Thingies I got for the mosquitos that were starting to bother me are working.  And no ants, though I did see my first (thankfully not full grown) roach waterbug this week.  But I had the Raid handy and he quickly became deader than dead.

I just got my bill for the building maintenance for the next 6 months.  600 Shekels, or about $150.  Not bad.

This was originally a larger apartment that’s been split into two, so my next door neighbor and I share an outside door to a little vestibule b/t our two apartments, and we split that fee, the electric bill, and a few other expenses.  (The $150 is my share).  She’s an uber Doll.

Few more pics:




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