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Central Command, Double-Click Injury
June 27, 2009, 3:23 pm
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So, I have been hooked up with my desktop computer from America and internet service in my apartment for a few weeks already.  It’s great.

🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

My monitor, computer, and external hard drive all have switches to handle 220 volts, which is how the juice comes out of outlets in Israel (Europe is also 220v, America is 110v).  My printer and speakers do not.  So my PC and monitor go right into the wall (or I mean, a power strip), while I put the speakers and printer into power transformer that converts the juice down from 220v to 110v.  Even though the power adaptor that came wtih my external hard drive also says it can handle 220v, I plugged it into a separate, smaller power transformer just in case.

Here’s a pic of that whole mess.  But at least it’s hidden out of sight behind my desk, and at least it works and nothing blew up!



Here’s how the whole setup looks:


But before too long, I was experiencing pain by the right knuckle of pointer finger.  I also felt some numbness and tingling in my right forearm.  That arm was operated on in 2004 and 2005, for both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome.  WTF – the surgeries were supposed to solve that issue.  Had it returned?  And what was up with this new pain in my finger?

I saw the doctor this week.  He thinks the arm tingling/numbness is nothing.  Every surgery leaves your body a little screwed up, even the most successful ones, he said.  He thinks the tingling is just a side effect from those surgeries 5 years ago and nothing to worry about.

He cut me off when I was describing the new finger pain.  I totally know what that is; you don’t even need to tell me anymore, he said.  He explained it was from double-clicking the mouse!  OMG, I had a double-clicking injury!  (Really, in just two weeks of use?)  Well, in New York, I always kept my mouse raised on top of a dictionary, which is better ergonomics for the wrist.  I didn’t bring the dictionary over to Tel Aviv, so my mouse had been flat on the desk.  I remedied that after this doc visit.

He also prescribed me a prescription strength powder form of a supplement combo I already take: glucosamine/condroitin/msm, and also an adhesive patch to replace every 12 hours and keep on my finger area ’round the clock for a week.  I dissolve the powder in a glass of water every morning and drink it.  I’m not sure what medicine goes from the patch into my body, but I do know the doctor wanted to try the most holistic approaches first, and he described a 2nd and 3rd level of treatment we could try next, leading up to the dreaded/blessed cortizone shot.  So, just like the glucosamine sulfate powder, the patch emits something my body naturally makes to bring down inflamation.  That’s a great approach, I think.  I really like my doctor.

You know what?  I think the patch/powder combo is already working.  The pain in my finger has lessened.  Yay.

Arthryl power on left, Dicloplast patches on right.

Arthryl power on left, Dicloplast patches on right.


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