Gefilte Fish Out of Water

June 26, 2009, 7:50 am
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This is my first post from my desktop computer, which I had shipped to Israel from the U.S.

Erm, it’s also my first post of any kind in almost 3 weeks.

What happened???  you ask.  Did you sweat so much from the Israeli summer heat that you lost the water weight equivalent of a family of six and ended up in intensive care?  We’re you too devastated by the Trifecta Loss of Ed McMahon Farrah FawcettMichael Jackson?  Were you just glued to the TV watching Golden Girls reruns the whole time?

The answer is not any of those explanations.  It’s simply that if my plate was full before, it is bUrStiNg now.  School has gotten so hard the last couple of weeks.  I’m still enjoying it (very much), but the onslaught of new verbs, verb tenses (we’re about halfway through the categories of past tense), vocabulary and prepositions is crushing.

And the company I work for in Israel officially launched last week.  I wrote and distributed our launch press release to mainstream and LGBT media in North America and Europe – probably 5,000 contacts/outlets in all – and began doing what I love most about PR: getting on the phone to make follow-up calls, interacting with the media and setting up interviews with our spokesperson.  (The launch has gone quite successfully.  I would love to link here to our website – which I wrote and created – and some of our bigger media “hits,” but I was asked by my job when I arrived in Israel not to write about work on here, and I want to keep my job.  🙂 )

When I started this blog, I posted everyday.  Even when I started school, I tried to post at least every other day.  Then, posts slowed to once/week (Shabbat), but I would burn up the laptop at a cafe for 6 hours and write 6-7 posts a pop.

My Shabbats have now been replaced with intensive, all-day Hebrew studying.  My biggest problem is making the connection between a verb’s infinitive and how it looks in the present tense.  I’m pretty good with taking it from the present and conjugating into the past tense.  But most of the time, the infinitive looks nothing like the verb in its regular forms.  For me, it really requires sheer memorization.  Also, we’re learning so many new ones all the time, that I also need to work on just learning to recognize them and what they mean.

Cue the World's Smallest Violin playing the World's Saddest Song to Underscore Scott's hard, hard life...

Cue the World's Smallest Violin playing the World's Saddest Song to underscore Scott's hard, hard life...

My days boil down to this:  If I don’t oversleep, get up around 6:30am do read some spiritual literature and practice meditation.  (Or, get up around 7:30am and rush the hell out of the house).  Go to school to 1pm.  Then, rush around to do 1-2 errands, or head home to take a 20-minute Power Nap and pack some lunch and dinner for work.  Then, work until 9-10pm, or sometimes later.

At that point, I used to go home to watch some TV on my computer, blog some postsCC and go to sleep.  Howadays Nowadays, I struggle through 90 minutes of Hebrew homework a night and try and squeeze in a gym visit.  Then, I can’t resist sitting at Central Command and reading some news and pop culture news, watching Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, stealing downloading music off Limewire iTunes, etc.  Bedtime averages out at 1am.

You’d think I could just bang out a post or two at this time, but so far I just can’t.  My mind isn’t in a fresh enough state to be creative.  I just add making posts to the list of things I don’t do, like call and write my family and friends.

But all that is gonna change now, I promise


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