Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Dirty, Dirty Feet.
June 13, 2009, 7:01 pm
Filed under: Identity, Pot Luck


If you are someone I just had a first date with, then do not read this post.  Also, the foot in the pic above belongs to my neighbor.

But actually it’s my foot.  Ew, I know.  I’m taking real good care of my feet these days – pedicure once a month, exfoliate them in the shower.  They are really cute, I swear.  But at the end of a long day in flip flops or sandals, they are just black on the bottoms.  Ew!  And I really don’t want to put them on my ottoman, which is khaki colored. 

Anyway, just sayin.


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Fantastic commentary! If we ever speak I promise not to ask you any of the Big Questions because I’ve gotten all the answers here – expressed eloquently. And then a good belly laugh at the end with the revelation of the Israeli specialite de la maison: the ass crack!
I’m thrilled your bravery in moving to Israel paid off. You’re an inspiration.
Love, Roger

Comment by Roger Schachtel

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