Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Do not make the WordPress gods angry!
June 6, 2009, 12:26 pm
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Woah, have I had a rocky 48 hours !!!

If you’re caught up, you know there was bike drama and curtain drama galore.  But I was past all that, I thought.  I was taking the actions to get free from the minor depression that resulted, and one of the main ways I was doing this was by blogging.

I went to Cafe Joe on Dizengoff & Gordon and posted there for 6 and a half hours.  Just letting the creative flow just wash it all away.

Until – the horrors!

A system glitch temporarily suspended my blog.  I really don’t know why this happened and neither does WordPress.  I got a warning message that I may have been using the blog as part of a search engine optimization marketing campaign (not true) or as a get rich quick scheme (???, also not true).  I had a lot of time to turn this over in my mind: is it because when I don’t have my own good picture to open a post, I just find and use something from the web (this post is a good example), or could it be becuase I reprinted the lyrics to Brad Paisley’s song “Find Yourself” in what has become my most popular post (because it comes up when people search for Brad Paisley photos)?

I reread the WordPress Terms of Service, and I really do not think I violated them.  I believe in a Higher Power, and I believe in looking out for the lessons he is trying to teach me.  What was the bike thing about – patience?  Acceptance?  Slowing down?  Anyway, I thought I had learned whatever H.P. was trying to get through to me about, but had I?  Was the blog suspension an even bigger effort at getting my attention?  But why, God, why ???

Anyway, sorry to get all cosmicly dramatic on you.  And my prayers were answered a short while ago when I logged into gmail and there was a message from them – saying this should not have happened, an apology for the concern it caused me (very nice, WordPress – thx) and that my blog was reinstated.  I’m almost too drained from the experience to Woo-Hoo, but not quite.

Woo.  Hoo.


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