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The Whole Class is Freaking Out.
June 5, 2009, 10:43 pm
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Lisa said she was overwhelmed at learning all verbs in the past tense.

I’m still having trouble recognizing verbs from their infinitive form.  Plus, I drew a line in the sand this week and refused to write vocabulary words down that I don’t consider a priority (I don’t WANT to have to say “hospitalize”!  Who gives an eff if I can’t say “swine flu”?)

Hayley mentioned feeling burned out.

It seems like everyone in class is feeling it in their own way.  All the sudden, out of nowhere, class seem to get really hard this week.  I found some comfort in the fact that it wasn’t just me.  Even if we were all having separate issues, the fact that everyone’s feeling a tightening now reassured me.

And I tried to reassure them:  We are not the first new immigrants to go through כיתה א.  Hundreds of thousands of olim have gone through this process before us.  I’m sure if there is some white paper somewhere on the Ulpan method, it shows that six weeks into the process, the new information overload will get to a point where students begin to feel totally overwhelmed.  This must just be part of the process, and like others before us, we will get through it.


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Loved your bit on the “Freaking Out” thing!

Comment by Lisa Shacknofsky

Cool, Lisa. Thanks for commenting. I really think this must be just part of the process.

Comment by skatp

If it helps, I went through these frustrations (after dropping out of 2 different Ulpans) I regularly had arguments with the teachers/admin staff. Being overwhelmed and stressing how important was for me to learn ASAP to feel like a normal person again.

Well after being here 10 months I am slowly working through the Ulpan books myself, I just feel its a better use of my time and now I have started with a private teacher.

But I just gotta remind myself that learning a second language just ain’t that easy.


Comment by Leon

Thanks for sharing that, Leon. I’m hanging in there. 🙂

Comment by skatp

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