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A pre-Erev Shavuot Shindig
May 30, 2009, 3:58 pm
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We didn’t have school on Thursday (which remember, is like Friday in the U.S.; the end of the workweek) last week because of Shavuot, which is when God gave the Jews the Torah.  On Tuesday in the afternoon session of class, Dina thinks for a second, then tells us we should have a party at the end of Wednesday to celebrate the holiday.  Everyone should bring in something for it.

I brought cups.  (nobody ever thinks to bring cups, plates, or sliverware, and they are always appreciated; plus, they’re cheap).

Anyway, it was nice.  People brought some killer cheesecakes.  I stayed for a while, then ducked out before it was over with my friend Anna.  Something very key I learned from Julia Phillips’ book, Driving Under the Affluence that I apply constantly is: “The moment when it’s time to leave” isn’t really the moment when it’s time to leave.  “The moment when it’s time to leave” is the moment before the moment when it’s time to leave.  In a nutshell, this means to leave when you’re still having fun, not to wait until the function “peaks.”  I explained this to Anna, and we both got the hell outta there.

"My cheesecake's better!"  "No, mine is!"

"My cheesecake's better!" "No, mine is!"


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