Gefilte Fish Out of Water

May 25, 2009, 10:44 pm
Filed under: Cool Things, Pot Luck

Goodbye speed.  Was reduced to walking my bike down long stretch of gorgeously smooth and manicured bike path.

Open road....too bad I had to walk.

Open road....too bad I had to walk.

Prayed for a gas station or bike shop.  It was approaching 6pm.  Fished my wish: there was a gas station and Bridgestone Tires (!!!) place on other side of road.  Crossed when lights were red.  Talked to Bridgestone guys.  English speakers rule !!!   Gave me directions to nearby “Rony’s Bike Shop.”

Uval (Rony is his daughter; he named shop after her) put my bike on a…bike holder thing…and fixed the tire in no time for 30 shekels (about $8).

Uval showed me two thorns he pulled out of my flat tire.  I explained to him how I crashed because I hadn’t been paying attention, and he told me that was just a coincidence and didn’t cause my flat.  The flat was caused by these thorns, which I rolled over after I got back on my bike after the crash.  Dayum !!!

While he worked, we had a cool conversation about Hebrew and English.  He said Hebrew has 1/10 the amount of words English has (70,000 vs. 7 million), but that it is definitely enough to express all your thoughts.  He said I need to keep speaking my Hebrew in public and not rely on Israelis’ ability to speak English.  I told him I had run into Israelis plenty of times who didn’t speak English, and how that sucks.  He explained that almost all Israelis know English, but they are embarassed to make mistakes, because they primarily learned their English not from the classes they had in high school but really from American TV, so they will only speak English in environments where they feel safe and they won’t be embarassed.


Was happy to get ease and speed back and ride on home.  You see, everything in Israel is an adventure!  I had the frigging time of life riding a few miles out to the eye doctor, crashing, getting a flat, getting directions to a bike shop, getting my bike fixed and having meaningful conversation with a stranger new friend, then riding on home.  Israel’s the best!

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there.  Then, I went back to work for four hours, and now it’s quarter to 2:00 in the morning, and I’m still a’bloggin’…


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