Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Dum-de-dum – Look out !!!
May 25, 2009, 9:37 pm
Filed under: Hey!, Mistakes

UntitledTook my first spill on my bike today.  Was riding back from my eye doctor appointment in the ritzy Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Ezurie Chen.  Didnt’ realize I was zoning out, looking at the pretty high-rises.  Alright, actually I was writing a blog post in my head, about back-to-back experiences yesterday and today of old guys hitting on me.  I’m probably exaggerating – neither one was actually hitting on me, just responding to my energy and being really genunine and friendly.  But that’s another post.

Just before the *crash*, my attention pulled back to the wall I was riding next to, and I watched in slow motion as it was too late to stop my left handlebar from coming in contact with it.    T   o   t   a   l      s   l   o   w      m   o   t   i   o   n  ,    as  I like, out-of-body style, observed, “Oh, I’m gonna crash.  I’m going down now.  Brace for impact.”

Took a spill.  Pretty minor.  I mean, it was full blown, but only suffered a minor scrape on my right knee and some grease on my left ankle.  Didn’t mess or tear any clothing.  My instinctive relfex to put my arms out to break my fall kicked in, but I didn’t scrape my palms.  Checked out the bike.  All seemed OK.  Headlight still affixed to handlebars, wheels in alignment, chain still on, gears working, etc.  Felt stoopid, of course, but there were no witnesses.

Anyway, I’ll take it as an effective lesson to remember how important it is to live in the moment and not somewhere else.

Got back on and resumed riding…until something didn’t feel quite right.  Uh-oh, I had a flat.   Pffft.


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