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Doctor, my eyes.
May 25, 2009, 10:04 pm
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IMG_2056Posts all out of order today, but whatever.

Cycled far – for about 35-40 minutes north to tony Ramat Aviv neighborhood I already mentioned called Ezorei Chen to the optomotrist Maccabi assigned to me.

Really enjoyed this ride.  This must be where the rich people live!  Gorgeous high-rises.  Like, fourth or fifth day of perfect, San Diego-style weather, and really enjoyed this long bike ride out there.  When, sidewalk ended on main Namir Road, figured I could finish the trip within what looked like an internal network/campus of Rich People High-Rises.  I was right; totally did the trick and brought me rest of the way there.

No main receptionist greeting arrivals at Maccabi; just peeps sitting outside 4 or 5 doors, each with a list posted in front.  Very organized!  I was siked when I was able to find my doc’s name in Hebrew (even though I had never seen it written before; only had a transliteration), and then found my own name in Hebrew right next to the 17:30 (5:30 p.m.) time slot.

Doc was a chick.  Not super friendly, but friendly enough.  Spoke English.  Told me I didn’t exactly have “calcium deposits” on my eyelids like I’ve had before and suspected was why it’s been hurting to wear my contacts lately.  Said I actually had inflammation on inner parts of both eyelids.  Prescriped drops, ointment (on my eyes??) and wipes for both eyes for 10 days.

Riding back, I had the accident

Azorei Chen, where the rich people live.

Azorei Chen, where the rich people live.


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