Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Dina Ripped Me a New One Today.
May 25, 2009, 8:59 pm
Filed under: Hey!, School, Struggles


First of all, I am totally exaggerating.  Dina is the Nicest and Bestest Teacher in the History of the World, and we all love her to what’s approaching cult-like proportions.

Second of all, all she said was, “What’s with you lately, hmm…?” after I yawned in class.  If anything, I should feel grateful she cares and is attentive enough to notice any changes in me.  I overslept today and came into class a half hour late.  Plus, didn’t shave, so I was stubbly.  Plus, I’ve been wearing glasses for two weeks, b/c my eyelids are inflamed (more on that later).  Plus, my hair is a little longer and I used some Bed Head Hair Stick, so my hair was (purposefully) astrewn.

But I’m so sensitive…

I half feel like coming in tomorrow in a sportsjacket and slacks, hair slicked back, contacts in, etc.   But that would be soooo overcompensating…

P.S. peeps: do not freak out about this picture.  It’s makeup.  I was playing the role of “tweaked out club kid” in a 2006 cabaret performance during the “Ninth Avenue Holiday Spectacular” – a party for one of New York’s oldest LGBT AA groups.


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