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May 23, 2009, 9:10 pm
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Went back to IKEA to make a return and buy some new shiz.  This time, I took my ladies wit me.  Barbara and Dorit joined me and really helped me out.

I got a few small tables, a computer chair, a hamper, a throw pillow, a cover for my couch and the big purchase was – window treatments!  We went with a roman shade for the bedroom (w/ matching throw pillow), some delicious, striped curtains for the big living room window and good ole’ blinds for the living room’s small window.

Dorit was Ph.D. material in terms of teaching us how we had to start with the color of the drapes before we got the tables and everything else…how everything had to be tied together by one color.  For the bedroom it was a brushed metallic mauve, and for the living room it was a mix of black and blonde and midnight blue.  Everything is going to look so hot.

Inspiration struck when I saw this cutsie, little girl bedroom set in the showroom.  I waited for a lull in the surrounding people traffic, dove onto the bed and made the girls start shooting me, like I was Brit Brit writing the lyrics for her first album’s “Dear Diary” track.  Dorit broke out the art direction skills and threw me a heart-mirror prop which brought it all together.  Thanks, Dor!

The ladies wanted in on the silly action, so we did a session in the kids department.

Inner- Child Powers, Unite!

Inner- Child Powers, Unite!

Getting home was not so easy.  If you recall, the last time I went to IKEA I finished so late that I wound up having to rely on a generous manager for a ride home.  This trip, we were told that the sheruts (sort of a group cab) were still running from Netanya (where IKEA is) to Tel Aviv, but we’d have to take a taxi to the central bus station to get on the sherut.  Fine, we were all cool with that.

But we foolishly listened to some teenagers outside, who told us we could pick up the sherut at the intersection where the IKEA road met the highway.  No problem, we walked up the hill, crossed a highway, walked on the island in the middle over a bridge, and I’m trying to keep the girls calm, as we increasingly grasp that something ain’t right here.  We asked a toothless old man if we were going right and he said we were, and directed us to cross the bridge and highway so we could get the Tel Aviv bound sherut.  But it just wasn’t happening.  So we wound up in a huge traffic island and set up camp while Barbara’s husband came to get us.  (Thanks, Doron!)

It was kinda fun waiting in the middle of the highway for Doron; definitely made things memorable.  Dorit is Israeli and a former Hebrew school teacher in the U.S., so I started practicing my Hebrew with her.

Anyway you slice it, a fun and productive time w/ friends.  🙂






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MFLOL BUT lets give credit where credit is due!!! I am the one who gave the art direction, therefore suggesting the mirror!! If you are going to recognize something or someone, please get it right the next time…in reading this, my immediate thought was, well what the heck did I go for….if you keep mentioning my BFF, and not even recognition of me being any help at all… …it hurt my feelings, scotty waddy!!!!!!

Comment by barbara

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