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My bike is safe.
May 21, 2009, 10:36 am
Filed under: Infrastructure


Tuesday morning I kinda held my breath as I went downstairs and outside.  I had hidden my bike behind my apartment building, but it was unlocked.  Would it still be there?  I didn’t know and was prepared for either outcome.

But – yay, it was there.  🙂

Had the same powerless situaiton and resigned/mild worry as I parked it behind school and went up to class.  Would it still be there at break?

More yay, it was still there.  🙂

During break, went to a hardware store.  Guy said key was never comin’ out of my busted lock, and best thing he could do was cut it off.  Instead, I bought a cheapie lock for the time being and figured I’d try an experienced locksmith or try taking it back to bikeshop guy who sold it to me.

Strike one, strike two.  Plus, if you’ve ever lived in Israel, you know that my second idea was hysterically implausible.  Refund from mom&pop shop guy in Israel for a defective product.  ROFLMAO!

Bike shop guy did say to bring it back next week and he’ll cut the unusable lock (still chained around my seat to my basket) off my bike and sell me a used strong U-Lock for 50 shekels.  I’m considering that a good deal for this place and showing up for it next week.


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