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My key broke.
May 19, 2009, 10:17 pm
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IMG_1997Big bummer.  Ever since Sunday, my bicycle lock has been acting a little funky.  It’s been kinda hard to turn the key in it.  I did drop it when I was unlocking it, but that shouldn’t break the thing, should it?

Anyway, tonight I was unlocking it to chain my bike to a pole on the street outside my place, and the damn thing broke!  I did use some force to turn it, but it was a fat ass key, and I didn’t think it would break like it was made out of friggin play-dough.

This is a major hassle.  Now I have to worry about the bike’s safety tonight and tomorrow at school, and I have to hope I find a locksmith who can fish the broken part out.  (I have replacement keys).  If not, we have to  cut the thing off, I guess (it’s chained to my bicycle basket), and I’ll have to buy a new one.

Sucks all around.  I didn’t want to schlep the bike inside my apartment, so I hid it behind my apartment building.  I hope it’s still there when I wake up tomorrow!  I burned off a little steam (and hopefully a little more of that awesome Creme Brulee pink of Ben & Jerry’s I ate tonight) by riding it first for an hour in Hayarkon Park.

Now, I’m up way too late (nevermind the time stamp on wordpress; it’s 1:16 a.m. here),  and didnt’ watch “24” or do my Hebrew homework yet.  😦


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Bummer about the key. Hope you got it fixed. I am really enjoying your blog. I look forward to your new entries. I can’t believe you’ve been in Israel 3 months already. Question- how many students are in your Hebrew Class? Take care Scott. And try to get some rest

Comment by Betsy

About 30 students in class. Some have dropped out and a few new ones dropped in this week.

Bike wasn’t stolen last night – whew! Got a cheapie lock in the meantime, but so far, no way of fishing other half of broken key out of lock on my own. Will try and return.


Comment by skatp

[…] morning I kinda held my breath as I went downstairs and outside.  I had hidden my bike behind my apartment building, but it was unlocked.  Would it still be there?  I didn’t know and was prepared for either […]

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