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Wireless Hell
May 9, 2009, 3:54 pm
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It was finally here: BB Day.  I’ve been making do with a old skool cell phone and pre-paid Talkman card for more than two months since arriving in Israel.  I’d ordered an unlocked BlackBerry Curve off of ebay, but as this is going to be a corporate BlackBerry, we were waiting for a few details to be in place before we were ready to activate things.

This week, my boss said the time had come, and he and I took a bus to the main Orange (one of Israel’s three cellular carriers) store.  Very modern looking superstore.  Not too long a wait.  Got a great salesguy, answering all my questions and being very accomodating.  My boss is very busy, so I told him I could “take it from here,” and let him skip back to the office.  Earlier, I had mentioned how in school I heard another Oleh tell me that Cellcom (one of the other carriers) had a special deal for the data portion of BlackBerry plans – only 10 shekels per month (vs. the normal 100/fee that they and Orange both charge).  And that deal is for life; it never increases.  They probably bank on the fact that many Olim bail on Israel after a few years and return to the countries from where they made Aliyah.  So, as my boss left he said, “Remember, just get all the info from Orange and then go and get the facts from Cellcom.”

But the Orange salesguy brought their BlackBerry guru over, who told me he could hotsync my old, neutered Verizon BBerry to a laptop and then transfer over all the data onto my new BBerry, allowing me to leave the store with a fully functioning, up and running BlackBerry.  My I-want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it self crumbled at that promise.  “Yes, please,” was all I could say.

All was going well.  I was back in the guru’s office, and we were kibbitzing while he did his magic.  That is, until we got a bigerror_buttonerror message on the screen.  The guru smiled and removed the battery from the new BBerry, anticipating a minor delay at worst.  Only, that didn’t work.  Long story short, he said he’d “absolutely never seen anything like this happen before” and that it must have been caused by some of the 3rd party applications on my BBerry.  😦  😦  😦

He couldn’t just switch the BBerry for a new one, b/c it wasn’t an Orange phone.  I had bought it myself.  He took my baby away from me and said he was sending it to the main lab for his bosses to work on.  Hopefully, they’d be able to reinstall the software and everything would be fine by next week.  Hey, if the worst I had to do was pay for that 3rd party software (a dictionary and an electronic checkbook program) again, that wouldn’t be so bad.

Please pray that they’re able to recessetate it for me.  I do have an American warranty for it (thank God), but the delay (and cost?) from international shipping would be a drag.

So, they took the rare step of giving me a temporary phone even though they didn’t have to (b/c my sick BBerry wasn’t one of their phones), and now I wait for the news, to be delivered next week.

If all goes well, though – I have to take the awkward step of saying, “Thanks for saving my BlackBerry, now I’m cancelling my plan and going over to your competitor.”  B/c the Cellcom Oleh data deal is real, and since my plan will be corporate, we have to do it to save the company money.

[all together now] Sigh.


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