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Overwhelmed by Self Service.
May 9, 2009, 4:22 pm
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Went to Ikea in Netanya on Thursday night, b/c they stay open until midnight then.

Took a direct sherut there for 12 shekels.  Told the driver to let me off at Ikea.  Started reading my book, “Life with My Sister, Madonna” by Christopher Ciccone.

I had asked my friends Liron and Abi to come with and help me, but I only asked them that afternoon, and they were both busy.  I should have asked people for help earlier, but A) I foolishly thought I could do it all by myself, and B) I didn’t know early enough in advance when I’d be going.

So the we get off the highway after about a 25 minute drive, and I see the huge IKEA sign.  But we don’t turn into the lot.  I at first want to say something, but I figure maybe the route loops around a back way, hitting a few other stops first.  Went back to my book.  Then, 15 minutes later, the driver stops and everyone gets off.


I remind him that I want to go to IKEA and that I told him so when I got on.  He’s like, “That was 1/2 hour ago.  You can’t expect me to remember that.”  Punk.  I demand at least a partial refund.  He gives me 5.5 shekels, which is what I’ll need for sherut in the other direction to take me back just as far as IKEA.  Don’t have to wait very long for one.   Second driver almost does the same thing and passes IKEA!  Fool me once…., so I promptly tell him to stop and let me off.

Get to IKEA….and get  o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d.  Most all the signs are Hebrew, so I can’t read the colors that the units come in…then I am just not sure b/t this unit and that unit or this combo or that filing cabinet combined with that desk…check the room measurements I’ve taken, subtract the price of that unit from the total available for me to spend, finally get out of the showroom and down to where the bedding and glassware and window treatments, etc are…should I get this set, or that set, how to I measure for this window, and oh, I didn’t even tihnk of lamps, do I have time to start that now, and bidda, boom, bamSTOP!

Make it out to the self-service warehouse at midnight, as IKEA begins to close.  I’m already wheeling a filled-to-the-gills raiders_book_warehouseshopping cart of the little stuff, and now I have to go between the warehouse-at-the-end-of-the-first-Indiana-Jones-movie sized hangar to find all this stuff and haul it onto a dolly myself and all this stuff, and…I was just out of my league.  Thankfully some really nice IKEA staff members saw how lost I looked and totally came to my rescue.  At checkout when they told me I couldn’t include the little (breakable) items in my delivery order, the manager even offered to drive me home.

Wow, great service, Netanya IKEA.  Stuff gets delivered tomorrow.  My friend Elana is going to help me assemble it.  Need to go back later this week for a few things – window treatments, lamps, area rug.

Of note: I like how the alefs in IKEA take the same form as the Ks in the English version.  Nice design touch.


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How much are Ikea Israel prices in relation to Ikea USA prices?

Comment by Lauren

I’m really not sure, Lauren. I didn’t do much IKEA shopping in the U.S. But I can tell you I got all my items for about 7000 NIS. That’s a couch, computer chair, computer desk, two little coffee tables, kitchen table, two kitchen chairs, filing cabinet, low entertainment center table, and small items like dishes, etc.

Comment by skatp

[…] home was not so easy.  If you recall, the last time I went to IKEA I finished so late that I wound up having to rely on a generous manager for a ride home.  This […]

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window treatment materials these days have increased in price, i wish they have a price drop next year ‘,*

Comment by Lavone Chittenden

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