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I hate Macy’s.
May 9, 2009, 4:33 pm
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Nothing against them in particular, I really mean just to say that I hate crowds, and I really hate them in department stores.  Know what I hate even more?  Adding a bunch of Hebrew I can’t read well yet, put me in a situation where I’m having trouble finding what I’m looking for, and subtract all the people around me who could possibly help by speaking English.

This is what happened when I looked for sheets in Dizengoff Center on Friday morning before Shabbat.  My bed is a little smaller than the most common size in Israel.  I did this to maximize space in my smallish bedroom.  But it made finding the right sized sheets a bit more difficult.  I had the hardest time explaining the “top sheet” (vs. fitted sheet) concept to several salespeople.  Apparently, in Israel it’s all about fitted sheets + duvets/covers.  They skip the top sheet.  WTF?  Not me.

Anyway, finally got sheets, but they are little too big and I’m returning them.


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Tell me about, Scott.. And, try to find Queen size sheets in this country….almost impossible. Further more, when you ask a salesperson for something with a bit more quality, (like 100% cotton), they look at you a bit crazy. Don’t even mention 400TC+ unless you are at GOLF. That is where I found the highest quality – and for 4X what we would pay at Macy’s.

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[…] my bed !!!  Since May, I haven’t needed one.  Just a top sheet (which – btw, is very hard to find in Israel), and in the summer, sometimes not even […]

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